Corey Tinker

Born the 6th of January 2006, Corey lives in little town next to Ipswich, in the UK.
His hobbies? Cross country running, Rugby and Cycling. Since starting racing Corey fits this around his schedule and school life. He also likes to play the drums and guitar in his spare time.
His career begins back in 2017 when he finished 3rd in the British Minibikes MINIGP UK. In the same year he also rode in the Pitbike 140cc Junior class and was instantly competitive finishing
3rd to 5th in almost all races he competed in.
In 2018, being only 12 years old, he took part to the Thundersport Superteens which he finished as the top 125 racer in the championship.
2019 was a big year for Corey, as not only did he progress into BSB Moto3 paddock, but also secured his place in the British Talent Cup, where his hard work and progress was rewarded with the accolade of “Rookie of the year”.
The following year he rode again in the British Talent Cup championship. He finished it in 7th overall.
2021 will be the year for a change: he will ride with the SIC58 SQUADRA CORSE team in the European Talent Cup. He will begin the next step of his racing career under the watchful eye of Paolo Simoncelli. Good luck!!