SPANISH GP 02/05/21

SPANISH GP 02/05/21

Mattia Casadei is the man of the weekend. He began late his preparation for the season due to an injury on his foot while training. He couldn’t take part in the tests but he was able anyway to make the same lap-times as the top riders. I’m proud of him! Just a mistake at the starting grid made him lose the chance to go to the podium, but he closed the race 4th, first between the title pretenders. He is strong, I’ve always thought that, but he was able to understand this bike and to use it properly. Mattia has grown up a lot, and I hope this new year will help him with his road to Moto2.

Let’s now move to Moto3. The strange weather made the choice of the tires more difficult, Tatsu chose the “H” instead of the “S” and when he discovered that the other option was better… well, he was already racing. He tried to push the hardest he could but he made a mistake. It happens, but a rider should understand when it’s time to close the gas in order to take home some points, but it is easier to say it after, we become all professors, doctors or World Champions.

With Fellon it is a completely different situation, he started a little more far, and his road  may looks harder from his eyes, more complicated than he expected and compared to other’s, but he needs just more time.

I thought for a while that the enchantment of Jerez was still with us, when I saw the red helmets and the Pole of Tatsuki. It was for sure strange to see our two riders opening and closing the starting grid. I like to think that moment meant something, that the enchantment is still with us, maybe it was there to show us that when we will be ready, it will be there waiting for us. 

From Monday I’ll take a “pit-stop” here in Spain, tomorrow I will meet the other guys of CEV in Valencia, and we will do our best, as always, to do a great job.